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December 18, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – The Subject Matter
Chris Herrington – TX

December 11, 2012
Christmas Special – What-up 12-12-12?
Greg Amburgy – OH

December 05, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Respond, Don’t React
Chris Herrington – TX

November 28, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Rewards
Chris Herrington – TX

November 14, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Make a Difference: Donate $2 via PayPal to
Chris Herrington – TX

November 07, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Happy Birthday Chris!
Chris Herrington – TX

October 30, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Rationalization: More Important Than Sex
Chris Herrington – TX

October 24, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Identity
Chris Herrington – TX

October 16, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Did I Pass?
Chris Herrington – TX

October 10, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Sun Tzu
Chris Herrington – TX

October 03, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Self-Talk
Chris Herrington – TX

September 26, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Work, A Four Letter Word
Chris Herrington – TX

September 19, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – All-Worthy
Chris Herrington – TX

September 12, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Erstwhile
Chris Herrington – TX

September 05, 2012
“Chris Herrington’s Reality” – Glenn Obfuscates, But It’s Good.
Chris Herrington – TX

August 28, 2012
Greg Amburgy – OH / Danny Minaskanians – CA

August 22, 2012
“Men F’d It Up” – A huge controversy arose on Sunday when Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, who is running for Senate in the “Show Me State”, when asked a question about his stand on abortion in case of rape. Where did that attitude about rape (and obviously therefore women) come from? Religion, that’s where. Could it be that a new paradigm is needed to match the current reality, the current “Good News” of everyone’s freedom, equality, and perfect righteousness in the sight of God? How did the woman’s rights movement and the sexual revolution change everything?
Greg Amburgy – OH / Girma Colston – VA

August 15, 2012
“Biblical Marriage?” – The Bride Has No Choice
Greg Amburgy – OH

August 08, 2012
“What Is God’s IQ?”
Steve Trueblood – HI, Founder / Chris Herrington – TX / Pep Washburn – WI

August 01, 2012
“Mike Williams Remembers Richard Mull” – In honor and in memory of our friend Richard Mull who was a regular contributor to the program. Mike Williams joined us to remember this great man and his treasured friend.
Mike Williams – TX / Greg Amburgy – OH

July 25, 2012
“Humanity’s Just Starting To Become Interesting” – Kevin Miller is an award-winning filmmaker who has applied his craft to documentaries, feature films and short film projects. Never one to shy away from controversial material, Kevin’s latest film is a feature length documentary called “Hellbound?” which asks some critical questions about the traditional doctrine of hell.
Kevin Miller – British Columbia / Pep Washburn – WI

July 18, 2012
“The Bible Is NOT The Word Of God” – Girma Colston, the Facebook Laureate, joins in on the conversation about why even the Bible does not say the Bible is the Word Of God. Thanks, Girma!
Girma Colston – VA

July 11, 2012
“The Story of ‘The Shack'” – Greg Amburgy and Dena Lynn join in an amazing discussion about spirituality, the history of the best selling book “The Shack” and issues raised by Pep Washburn and Scott Jonnson via e-mails. And we love Girma Colston.
Greg Amburgy – OH / Dena Lynn – OR

July 04, 2012
“The Good News on GKO” is now over a month old, and if you’ve listened, you know we have been doing some really excellent talk radio as we deliver uplifting information in a fun and edgy format. But you also know that this first month has admittedly been part radio show part therapy for your friendly neighborhood radio talk show host and perhaps for you, too. In what may be the final “installment” of this healing process Chris Herrington brings his unique gift and genius as a Mediator par excellence to the program. I asked Chris to challenge me if he felt it warranted. He did. This was especially true when we listened to the “Best of Mike Williams” segment. We spoke, too, appropriately given the date about the American Revolution, the role the Gospel played in it, and used clips and music from the brilliant HBO film “John Adams” to demonstrate how central liberty for all (aka the Gospel) —not Christianity— was at the heart of the revolution that would change the world.

June 27, 2012
“Christianity: ‘Humanity is the Last Adam.’ Wrong!”
Greg Amburgy – OH / Danny Minaskanians – CA

June 20, 2012
“…If there is a God.” – So was the response from Fox News commentator, and self-identified Catholic, Bill O’Reilly to a letter he had just read on his show from a viewer about the Jerry Sandusky trial taking place right now in Pennsylvania. Sandusky, a former Penn State football coach, is accused of molesting ten young boys.
Debbie Brons – GA / Greg Amburgy – OH / Steve Trueblood – HI

June 13, 2012
“Crimes Against The Soul of Humanity”
Greg Amburgy – OH / Girma Colston – VA / Dena Lynn – OR / Debbie Brons – GA

June 06, 2012
“The Inaugural Webcast of ‘The Good News on Glenn Klein Online'” featured a dedication to Mike Williams, an explanation of what happened, Ivan A. Rogers – author of “Dropping Hell and Embracing Grace”, Dena Lynn – founder of “Facebook Love”, and Sean O’Hallaron
Ivan Rogers – IA / Joe Klein – FL